Sawmill able to supply a range of timber products.

Rosehill Timber                                              Telephone: 01674 840310


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1.5m x 75mm x 75mm

1.65m x 75mm x 75mm

1.8m x 75mm x 75mm

2.4m  x 75mm x 75mm       


 (square ended)

1.5m x 100mm x 100mm

1.65m x 100mm x 100mm

1.8m x 100mm x 100mm

 2.4m  x 100mm x 100mm


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3.6m x 75mm x 38mm                       

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0.9 x 100mm x 19mm

1.2 x 100 x 19mm

1.5 100mm x 19mm

1.8 x 100mm x 19mm       

1.8 x 150mm x 19mm